Class Schedule

Class Descriptions:

Lower Body and Slim Class: Cardiovascular aerobic intervals between lower body toning exercises.

Upper Body Performance Class: As a part of Power Fitness series, in this class you will be training the body to move, push and pull with more intensity and endurance. We focus on strengthening the upper body and core.

Power Tone Circuit Class: As a part of Power Sculpt series, this class uses various resistance-training techniques to improve muscular strength and endurance. This is a total body conditioning class designed to improve muscle tone and strength in all areas of the body.

Power Lower Body and Abs Class: This class shapes the legs and the glute. By focusing on just the lower body and abs, it allows isolated conditioning for faster results

Power Upper Body and Abs Class: This class is all about the arms, shoulder, chest and abs. It uses Power Plate training to improve muscular definition.

Power Cardio Class: As a part of Power Slim series, this class continues to burn calories. It combines Power Plate strength training exercises with cardiovascular aerobic intervals to keep the heart rate elevated and your workout efficient.